Carpe Diem - Aiken Campus
Educate with knowledge. Empower with character. Equip students for life.

What Are Carpe Diem Charter Schools?

line kids Carpe Diem Schools…

  • Educate with knowledge
  • Empower with character
  • Equip students for life

Carpe Diem means “Seize the Day” and that’s what both students and teachers do every
day at Carpe Diem Schools… we make the most of each day’s learning opportunities.

Carpe Diem Schools are tuition-free charter schools, educating 7– 12th grade students
using a proprietary blended learning model of digital curriculum combined with high
quality, personalized instruction and high expectations. Carpe Diem students range in
age from 12 to 18-years-old, and are working at 7th through 12th grade levels. Carpe
Diem students seek a learning experience that builds on their strengths, challenges
them, and lets them move at their pace to succeed in school and in life. Carpe Diem
Schools tailor a high-quality education to a complete spectrum of students.

studyingCarpe Diem Schools provide students and parents with a high-performance option to
traditional schools, based on the successful educational model of the first Carpe Diem
school, in Yuma, Arizona. Carpe Diem–Meridian, in Indianapolis, opened in August of
2012, the first Carpe Diem Indiana school.

In December 2012, the Cincinnati Public School Board voted to sponsor a Carpe Diem
Learning School. Carpe Diem-Aiken opened for the 2013 school year at the brand
new Aiken High School campus 5641 Belmont Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45224. Carpe Diem-Aiken is now enrolling for the fall 2014.

Carpe Diem schools are not selective. We are open enrollment, tuition-free charter
schools. Carpe Diem-Aiken is sponsored by Cincinnati Public Schools.

To experience Carpe Diem…watch our video by clicking here .