Carpe Diem - Aiken Campus
Educate with knowledge. Empower with character. Equip students for life.

kid computer 1Carpe Diem Schools are NCA accredited and include Edgenuity’s (formerly
Education2020) comprehensive instructional content; uBoost's online recognition and
reward system; and a secure online portal to provide parents with real-time student data,
including attendance, grades, and academic progress. Students learn at their own pace,
mastering material prior to moving on to the next level.

Carpe Diem's unique opportunities for career concentrations in Information Technology,
Science and Engineering, Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Digital Arts and
Entertainment, and Health Sciences also allow students to explore career pathways
and take college preparatory courses, equipping students with the knowledge and skills
necessary for college, career and life-long success.

The Carpe Diem blended learning model has an eight-year record of academic
achievement, student success, cost effectiveness, and productive work environment
for teachers and students. Carpe Diem’s Aiken Campus just finished their first academic year. MAP test results indicate a two year increase in language, math, and science, and a year and a half increase in reading.

staff 2By leveraging technology Carpe Diem has created a proof point that a blended learning
school can produce outstanding achievement. The first Carpe Diem school in Arizona
has achieved an average 92% proficiency and 40% advanced performance on Arizona’s
math and reading assessments.

Carpe Diem has demonstrated a positive academic performance record including:
  • Out-performing all county schools for four straight years on the Arizona Instrument for Measuring Standards (AIMS) test.
  • Continuing to be a state leader in student growth (#1 for two consecutive years).
  • Earning a rating of 10 of 10 by parents and